Keller Properties, Inc. offers a broad spectrum of management services:

Meetings - We will assist in the organization and coordination of the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and the Annual Meeting of unit owners. This will include the preparation for distribution of the agenda, monthly meeting minutes, management report, financial statements, delinquency lists, bids and all correspondence received from Association members.  We will organize, prepare and mail all meeting notices and documents required for the annual meeting.

Management Report - We will provide a monthly status report highlighting the important items regarding the operation of the property.  The report shall include status of maintenance projects, discussion of new projects and their priority, discussion of property inspections, unit owner communications and action items requiring Board discussion.

Financial Statements - We provide full accounting services.  We have a full accounting system that tracks reserve and operating expenses.  We work together with independent auditors in preparation of your annual tax and audit/review. Each month we will provide you with an up to date balance sheet and income statement as well as current bank statement(s) for that month.

Periodic Inspections - The property manager will conduct periodic inspections of the property to look for maintenance deficiencies, cleaning deficiencies, rule violations and other problem areas.  They will also inspect any work in progress and see it through to completion.

Communications - Keller Properties, Inc.  will be the liaison between home owners, contractors, vendors and the Board of Directors.  We have a highly experienced office staff to answer all calls and handle all situations.  We believe in a more personal level of communication, therefore your call will always be answered by a real person, not a machine. 

Professional Services Coordination - We will provide assistance to the Board of Directors in the selection of consultants for functions such as engineering, law, and auditing.  If you have council that you have retained and would like to continue to work with, we are more than happy to do this.  Should you not have a preference, we work with many attorneys, engineering firms, and auditing firms that specialize in community associations that do excellent work.

Files and Records - We will maintain files and records as requested by the Board of Directors.

Rules Enforcement - At the direction of the Board of Directors, we will update the rules and regulations manual of the association and we will enforce the rules and regulations outlined therein.

Emergency Service - Keller Properties, Inc. has a 24 hour emergency answering service that is available to all associations and homeowners.

Keller Properties, Inc. - Your Twin Cities Community Association Management Company Specializing in Townhomes and Condominiums.