Frequently Asked Questions

"What does a property management company do for us?"

Keller Properties Inc.  will give you the peace of mind that the care of your home is in good hands.  We will work with your vendors to ensure that expectations are met. Books need to be kept, vendors need to be managed, short and long term budgets need to be developed and supervised, monthly meeting and reporting needs to be done.  We will meet all of your administrative needs such as dues collecting, bill paying, accounting, meeting organization, reporting, committee structuring, homeowner correspondence and so much more.

"Who makes the decisions regarding our Association?"

In all instances, your Board of Directors will make all final decisions regarding your association.  We will guide them and provide resources for them to make decisions that are in the best interest of your association. We will provide your Board with bids for services, quotes for work, proposed annual budgets, requests for architectural changes, homeowner requests etc. and they will make the choices that best fit your association's needs.

"What do our Association dues/fees cover?"

Your dues/fees cover all operating costs that are associated with operating your association.  Examples of operating costs are: building maintenance, lawn and grounds  care,  snow removal, insurance, taxes, utilities, and management fees.  In some instances, after careful review of your Replacement Reserve Study, your Board of Directors may allot a portion of your fees to be placed into a reserve fund for future capital improvements such as new roofs, siding replacement, asphalt, concrete work, etc.

"Why do our Association dues/fees increase occasionally?"

Unfortunately in some cases your dues will increase slightly each year.  This is due to the increase in the cost of living and services provided.  Examples of these services are grounds and lawn care, snow removal, insurance, taxes,  utilities, and management fees. Each year your Board of Directors and Keller Properties, Inc. will create and implement a yearly budget which will allow for that year's expected increase in cost of services.  If your current dues/ fees will not cover the proposed budget then there may be an increase in fees to ensure that all operating costs can be met. 

"I have an emergency situation, who do I call?"

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911 immediately. 

Keller Properties, Inc. has a 24 hour emergency answering service that will contact necessary personnel that can assist in instances of danger to life, limb or property.  651-229-3469

"How do I access the online web portal?"

Please click here to be taken to the Caliber Portal or type into your internet browser. 

If you haven't accessed the portal before, you will need to select the "Create login" link to create a profile.  If you do not know your account number, you will need to contact our office to obtain this information before a profile can be created.

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